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Materia Medica Holding has been present in the pharmaceutical market since 1992.

We have created a new class of medications based on a unique technology.

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Russia’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies


Our medications are known in 18 countries worldwide


Our Company’s portfolio includes over 30 medications


Our workforce exceeds 1,400 employees


International quality certificate


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Product of the Year Award.
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Our Products

Рафамин Raphamin
Is used for the treatment of respiratory tract infections. Exerts both antiviral and antibacterial activity
Ренгалин Rengalin
Is used for the treatment of any type of cough, produces enhanced antitussive activity; is suitable for children of 3 years of age and above
Эргоферон Ergoferon
A complex antiviral medication for adults and children of 6 months of age and above
Анаферон детский Anaferon for children
An antiviral medication to reduce the risk of viral respiratory infections and influenza in children of one month of age and above
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