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Tenoten for Children

By its pharmacological profile, Tenoten for children belongs to the group of anxiolytic and nootropic drugs, but it also exerts neuroprotective, antihypoxic, antiasthenic, antiamnestic, and stress-protective actions.
Due to normalization of inhibitory and activation processes in the central nervous system, Tenoten for children corrects children`s behavior diminishing symptoms of hyperactivity and excitability and facilitating social adaptation. In the clinical studies, Tenoten for children administration restored cognitive functions and memory, which positively influenced the educational process.
In addition, in the experimental models of intoxication, hypoxy, or transient ischaemic attack, Tenoten demonstrated neuroprotective action, limiting the zone of cerebral damage.
The mechanisms of these effects have been elucidated: antibodies against S-100 protein at ultra-low doses exert GABA-mimetic and neurotrophic actions, up-regulate stress-limiting systems, and contribute to the restoration of neuroplasticity.
This broad spectrum of pharmacological activity allows the effective use of Tenoten for children in various neurotic and neurosis-like disorders accompanied by hyperexcitability, irritability, anxiety, behavioral disorders, attention deficit, and autonomic disorders (attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, autonomous dysfunction syndrome, consequences of intrauterine hypoxia and traumatic brain injury, and various psychosomatic disorders).
Dosage and frequency regimen should be chosen based on the intensity and duration of clinical symptoms. One tablet should be administered at a time (tablets are to be held in the mouth until their complete dissolution; not to be taken with food). If necessary, a tablet may be dissolved in a small amount of boiled water at room temperature.
The drug is administered one to three times daily, usually it is prescribed for 1 to 3 months. If necessary, therapy may be prolonged up to 6 months or repeated after 1-2 months.
If no sustained improvement is observed within 3-4 weeks after therapy initiation, physician’s consultation should be considered.
The technology of ultra-low doses used in the manufacturing process significantly reduces the risk of adverse effects. Generally, they are possible only in individuals with hypersensitivity to any component of the tablet – lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate. No cases of overdosage have been reported so far.
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